This guest post was written by Adam at Mens Tungsten Online, who are specialists in tungsten wedding bands. With the summer somewhere on the horizon, wedding season is also looming. Hopefully Adam’s tips will help you pick to perfect ring, if you haven’t already.

A wedding ring might well be a token of love from your partner on your wedding day, but let’s get real here; it is a fashion accessory as much as anything else, right? If it weren’t, then what it looks like wouldn’t matter one jot. You could give and receive a Haribo jelly ring on your wedding day, and have something to remember your partner by as well as something you could eat and replace at will throughout the day.

As much as some of us will deny it, there is nothing like the feeling of people coming up to us and complimenting us on how great that shining piece of precious metal on our finger looks. It also gives us something else to fiddle with when we’re feeling nervous or need to buy ourselves a few moments to think.

Still, the focus will always come back to what it looks like. With that in mind, what should you be looking for in a wedding ring?

Modern and Trendy

Don’t get us wrong, there is a certain charm attached to an old antique wedding ring, whether it is a family heirloom or something that you bought from the jeweller because you saw it and fell in love at first sight.

However, at the same time, weddings are becoming more modern and trendy than ever before, and so should your wedding ring. Far more than just show you’re married, today a wedding ring needs to look great and stand up to the demands we throw at it every day.

New School Materials

It is an odd feeling standing in a jewellers and handing over your credit card to pay for something very expensive, only to be asked if you want to take out a specific type of product cover to pay for cleaning and maintenance of your ring, or piece of jewellery.

Avoid that by going for one of the ‘new age’ metals used in wedding rings, such as tungsten. These are strong and durable rings for both men and women and will need little to no on-going maintenance.

If there is a downside to them, it is that people probably won’t be expecting you to have a tungsten ring, meaning you’ll have to give an explanation yourself after someone has already expressed their love for silver, white gold, or platinum, and how good said metal looks on your finger.

Something Personal

Above everything else, your wedding ring should still have a personal touch about it, which will ensure it is automatically stylish when adorning your finger.

How you go about this is down to you. You might go for an engraving with a personal message, or a particular pattern or colour of ring – tungsten and other alloys will allow you to have customized options for both. Either way, it is important to remember that it’s your ring. You’ll be fine as long as it looks cool and modern.

Your wedding ring should be all about you, but make sure you check out the whole market and what’s out there, rather than just jumping in and following the established norms available.


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