Todays guest post is from Amanda Sterling. Amanda is a young fashion student and shares her knowledge and adoration for fashion with many other fashionistas. Today, she hopes to let you know about all of the fashionable accessories, leading the way forward. Amanda writes on behalf of Belt’n', a top site for all young teens looking to expand their accessory wardrobe!

Summertime is fast approaching and it’s the time of year where teens tend to go crazy for all of the new fashionable trends. It can oftentimes be difficult to keep up with the huge amount of styles and clothing ranges available today. Whether it is floral prints, colour blocks or short suits there are numerous ways to look cool this summer time. If you want to keep up with the times this summer then follow these tips.


teen1Get ready to make a statement by wearing jumbo sized stripes. There are numerous colours to wear such as neon stripes to more neutral shades. If you want to wear neon coloured stripes then pair your striped garment with nude colours, to ensure your outfit isn’t too ‘loud’. Striped pants are also in season, it is important to keep the rest of your outfit in solid shades. Pairing striped jeans with denim and leather is a great way to pull off any striped style.Pair striped shirts with flirty high waisted shorts, this style really never went out of fashion to begin with!

Bermuda Shorts

teen2These slouchy cool shorts are flattering for any body type and can look fantastic on any female. The easiest way to wear Bermuda shorts is to wear solid colours, this is because you can combine solid colours with any type of top. Printed tops, neon tops and even blouses will suit any solid coloured Bermuda Shorts. The best type of Bermuda Shorts to wear is the denim material shorts, these are cool for summer time and look cute matched with a floral tee. Patterned Bermuda shorts are also available in a range of various coloured patterns. These shorts are affordable and stylish, who wouldn’t love them?

Peekaboo Pieces

teen3These daring pieces are sexy and suitable for any body shape. These garments are modest yet still leave you looking irresistible. Less can oftentimes be more so don’t be put off by showing a bit of skin. Sheer fabrics are the now in!

Statement Sunglasses

teen4What better way to complete your summer outfit then with some bold sunglasses. Many people struggle to find sunglasses that fit their facial structure and also look good. There are several designer sunglasses available which will suit outfits ranging from floral to maxi dresses. There are many ways to pick up fashionable sunglasses ideal for any summery clothing.

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