Today’s guest post was written for us by Bonoavox Rhodes. Bono lives and breathes fashion and is currently working on branding and design projects with a major underwear label. In his spare time he likes to walk his pug, Milton, and explore the mega metropolises of New York, London, Paris and Mumbai. Bono is an expert in both men’s and women’s underwear and is going to help you all out today with how to choose the best underwear for you!

We often forgo comfort in favour of fashion or sex appeal when it comes to our undies – but the reality is, we wear underwear all day long. It’s closer to our skin than anything else, and so it’s a fairly reasonable ask that it be comfy – it shouldn’t pinch, itch or irritate. To help you get your underwear drawer in order, we’ve come up with some top tips for choosing comfy undies.

1. Try to Opt for Fashionable and Comfy
Instead of opting for designer undies – just because they’re designer – or buying a pair of pants that are your favourite colour, think about whether they’ll be comfortable too. Are they cut nicely? Are they soft? Are they easy to wash? If the answer is yes to all of the above, and the undies are fashionable, snap them up! If it’s not, it might be better to think about a different brand, cut or material. Brands like Sloggi offer comfortable and fashionable knickers that are soft and wearable – and they’ll keep all your lumps and bumps in check, too.

2. Choose the Right Size
Hands up, who has a couple of pairs of pants in their underwear drawer that they “hope to fit back into”? You’re not alone! Many of us opt for knickers in smaller sizes so that we don’t have to face the embarrassment of buying underwear in the size that we actually are. But instead of having uncomfortable knickers, do yourself a favour and buy knickers in your size – or a size up – so that they hug your figure and sit on your hips, rather than dig into you.

3. What Does it Feel Like?
Lace or scratchy nylon fabrics can be very, very uncomfortable, especially when it comes to underwear – and if you’re wearing jeans, it can be even worse. Instead of opting for pretty fabrics, choose fabrics that feel nice to the touch. When you’re in the shop, touch the underwear before you buy them and if they’re displayed in boxes, take them out and have a feel! Cotton or a cotton Lycra blend is probably your best choice, as it will be breathable, wash easily and stretch to fit your figure.

4. Think About the Cut
Low rise knickers can be uncomfortable, especially if they’re in the wrong size, as they can have a tendency to roll down. High rise pants, such as Sloggi, are probably your best choice for comfort as they’ll support your figure, or alternatively, you might want to try boxer short briefs – they’re still large enough to give you support and to smooth away any lumps and bumps but they’re a little bit sexier than Bridget Jones-style knickers.

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