Today’s guest writer is a Mum-to-be who spends a great deal of time shopping for good quality dresses for pregnant women – seeing as she is one! Sarah spends her free time writing about all things fashion and beauty.

Here’s the lowdown on shopping for dresses and other maternity items. First up: sizes. Maternity sizes operate in the same system as a normal clothing size. So, if you choose to wear size 8 normally, you will still be an 8, but in a maternity size, giving room for your growing bump. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it.
maternityJeans can be a bit harder. If your waist is a 28’’, you will still be looking for a size 28’’ waist, but in a maternity size. This obviously changes throughout the stages of your pregnancy, and also can depend on where the baby is sitting. Some women carry higher or lower than others. Considerations will need to be made about this, as well as the cut of the trousers.

Try not to buy clothes that are a size larger than what you normally wear. Instead of flattering your bump, this type of clothing will in fact make you look bigger than you are. Maternity wear designers are experts in their field and as such will create beautiful maternity clothes which are comfy and which look pretty.

If you are trying to be organised and buy your maternity clothes early on during your pregnancy, maternity clothes shops should have prosthetic baby bellies for you to try on. That way you can see how clothes will fit you later on in the pregnancy.

To help plan what you are going to buy (thus reducing the expenditure too hopefully!), make a list of all the clothes you need. Remember to include things like business wear if you work in a formal environment and swim wear if you intend to go on holiday.
In terms of choosing clothes, the style you choose needs to flatter you and make you feel good! There will be times during the pregnancy when you are not feeling your best and so you will want to boost your confidence in any way you can. Don’t choose clothes which are radically different to the looks you usually go for. You want to feel at ease.

If you are trying to keep spending to a minimum, look for clothes which can grow with your body. Shift dresses, wraparound tops and cargo pants will all work well, as can empire line tops and dresses. Investing in decent shoes early on should see you through the entire pregnancy. Another way to save money is to buy tops which you can use whilst nursing your baby.

One extra tip is to choose clothes made of cotton or lycra for comfort and spandex for stretchiness. Watch out for any irritating zippers or buttons as the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable! Choose materials which allow your skin to breathe – you’ll find that your temperature goes up and down throughout the day.

maternity1There is a lot to do and a lot to think about. If you plan ahead and make good use of the Internet, you should be able to stock up on all things maternity-related early on. Then you can start planning what baby essentials you need to buy!

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  1. Kelly Rogers says:

    I like the message of this shirt. I loved wearing tees when I was pregnant – so much comfort. I’m not sure though if might have some great maternity shirts that readers might like.

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