Stephanie Potter is a copywriter and blogger for The Watch Hut the UK’s largest online retailer of watches. Since joining the company she has found herself thrown head first into the world of high end fashion and all things horology and has found herself quickly  learning as she goes along. She loves writing, especially fiction but will gladly write about anything given half the chance.

One of the pitfalls of fashion is you can always guarantee that you will fall in love with a dress or a handbag only to find it comes with a price tag you can’t afford. But what you see on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York often filters down into the high street. If you look hard enough you can nearly always find a cheaper high street version. Watches are a great example of this; rose gold first seen on Michael Kors watches has now become a whole jewelry trend in itself. Here’s a selection of designer watches and there much cheaper high street counterparts.
Karl Lagerfeld the iconic German designer has recently unveiled his latest watch collection which consisting of minimalistic monochrome time pieces. The Ladies Korbe Watch KL1801 combines Lagerfeld’s design aesthetics such as a pyramid studded bracelet and trademark silhouette with sensible timekeeping principles. The watch also features a chronograph, quartz analogue movement and is water resistant for up to 50 meters. It retails for £185.00.

watch1If the Lagerfeld’s out of your price range there’s the Accurist’s Ladies Black Ceramic Watch LB1652. While it doesn’thave a pyramid studied bracelet it does feature a diamond chip in the 12 position on the dial and a ceramic bracelet, making it look more expensive than it actually is. The use of ceramic is perfect for anyone who might have an allergy to metal bracelets. Like the Lagerfeld it has a quartz analogue movement but it does have the drawback of no chronograph and is only splash proof rather than waterproof and retails for £100.00.

watch2Another well known fashion brand witha watch collection is Armani Exchange. The AX4050 showcases their trademark stone encrusted cuff; a design makes it perfect to wear when attending parties or going for a night on the town as it functions as both a bracelet and a functional time piece with a quartz analogue movement. As well as looking stylish it is also water resistant up 50 meters. It retails for £130.00.
watch3A just as fashionable and yet less expensive version is the Seksy ladies strap watch 4295 from Sekonda, which comes in at a much cheaper £59.00. It features a stone studied leather strap and mother of pearl dial alongside a quartz analogue movement and is water resistant. The fact the cuff is made from a strap rather than metal shouldn’t put you off.

watch4The American designer Marc Jacobs’ watches are always popular. This Amy watch MBM1257 is more understated than many of his watches making it both elegant and eye catching with its subtle black strap and dial.Like the Armani this is a watch for day and night and will pretty much go with any outfit whether it’s a dinner date or dress down Friday at the office. Inside is an analogue movement and is water resistant up to 50 meters, retailing for £165.00.

watch5In 1983 Swatch revolutionised the world of Swiss watches combining efficiency and quality with affordability. 30 years later they are still combining the world of art and fashion with affordability. This lady’s black round resin LB170 is a perfect alternative to the Marc Jacobs. It may not feature the gold detailing of his watch but it’s a great way of being able to wear a good quality Swiss made watch without having to take out a mortgage to do so. It retails for a fraction of the price at £32.00 this watch still offers some of great features of the Marc Jacobs such as a quartz analogue movement, black resin strap and water resistance.


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