Today’s guest post is the third in a mini series from our writer, Sami Brown. Sami is an enthusiastic writer who enjoys films, fashion and beauty. Her previous posts include tips on how to dress to impress on Valentine’s day, and also tips on how to set the mood on Valentines’s day.  Writing on behalf of Honeys Lingerie, Sami will discuss how the fabric is the most important aspect to creating a winning designer product.

Men and women share a natural desire to live a life of luxury. This includes being able to do everything you ever wanted without being restricted by your financial status as well as being able to afford a whole load of materialistic possessions. Even those of us who don’t necessarily have enough money to fulfil this entire criterion still manage to treat ourselves to the odd splurge here and there. Some people may think we are mad for spending more money than necessary on a new pair of designer shoes when we can buy similar copies on the high street for a fraction of the price but is it really just about getting the ‘look’?

Designer goods are made with much more care than any our usual high street stores. From a Mulberry bag to a set of designer lingerie, the sheer luxury is captured in the material that is used by the manufacturer. Using the finest fabrics and skilful craftsmanship, designers are able to provide their buyers with lavish pieces that obtain a durable yet beautiful finish. Popular fabrics that are used by our expert designers include butter leather, silk and chiffon which give their garments an unbeatable finished piece that mirrors a work of art.

It’s not only designer garments that makes us feel rich and ooze confidence; footwear, jewellery and interior products made by high class brands are also a popular choice for those looking for luxury. Simply by using the finest fabrics, our favourite designers are able to deliver products that will last a lifetime and will only get better with age.

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