Annette Hazard is our guest post this morning. Annette is a freelance blogger that is writing today on behalf of Plastic Surgery company,, a plastic surgery company based in Utah, America. Annette enjoys writing about health issues and has recently become an avid cyclist and runner. Today, she offers her tips on how to dress to feel great after major weight loss.

How to Dress Your New Body After Mahor Weight LossBefore weight loss, you may think that losing weight is the key to finding great looking clothes that flatter you and fit comfortably. Once you achieve your weight loss goal or undergone plastic surgery, you may be surprised to find that putting an end to your weight woes doesn’t solve your issues with finding the perfect outfit. Expect it to take some time to get used to your new body, but in the mean time, there are several things to keep in mind while shopping.

Take Your Time
Don’t go shopping when you are in a hurry or you know the stores are crowded. You need unhurried time to pick through the racks and select items that you like and try them on. You know what worked for your old body, but chances are you have no idea what works for your new one. Don’t make the mistake of falling back on the same style of clothes you are used to wearing, just in a smaller size. Instead, try on things you wouldn’t consider before, maybe a bright colour or even something as simple as a pair of jeans, rather than elastic waist, knit trousers.

Try Different Sizes
Don’t be afraid to take more than one size of the same thing in the dressing room. Sizing is inconsistent, and the size you wear in one style or brand may be too big or small in another style or brand.

Buy For Today
So what if you want to lose another ten pounds, or are worried that the weight will come back. Select clothing that fits well and is comfortable today. If you are on a budget, limit the number of pieces you buy, but always have several things you can wear that fit you well.

Ask a Friend for Help
After losing a great deal of weight, you may have trouble seeing yourself as skinny, fit or even average. This can make shopping difficult, because you see yourself the way you used to look, which makes it difficult to spring for the cute top or trendy skirt. Have a friend along to act as an adviser and cheerleader.

Do Your Hair and Makeup
You want to look and feel your best when you’re out shopping, so make sure you look your best. If you just run into the store for a few minutes after dropping your kids off at school, and are wearing stretched out sweats and your hair is in a ponytail on top of your head, you probably won’t be happy with anything you put on.

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