Today’s post is the first in a series from our guest poster, Sami Brown. Sami has written some great posts for us before about Thermals, and helping your man to choose Christmas presents. Sami is an experienced writer who enjoys all things related to fashion and lifestyle. Writing on behalf of Hybrid Fashion, Sami will share her advice on how to dress to impress your partner this Valentines Day.

valentine2As Valentine’s Day approaches, the one day of the year where you can truly express your feelings, women get themselves into a tizzy when deciding what to wear to impress their partner or crush. Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with a new crush for the first time or with your other half that you have spent many years with, women will always pull out all of the stops in the fashion department when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

The 14th February is about romance and love, so you want your attire to portray this. For starters, you want to find an outfit that flatters your shape in all of the right places. A dress is often the most common garment to wear on this special day as it has traditional sex appeal in comparison to a two piece outfit. There are many different dresses on the market today which will suit your body type. We all have flaws, so try and disguise them whilst accentuating your best assets. A body-hugging dress, such as Hybrid dresses from Hybrid Fashion, is perfect if you want to show off your curves and catch the eye of your man, whilst a ditsy floral skater dress is ideal for first dates.

When it comes to picking the right colour for you, black is always a winner and can be ever so complementing to your figure. To convey a bold statement look, opt for red and team it with subtle accessories to let your dress take centre stage. Heels are always a must for the 14th February as they add the ultimate feminine touch to your attire whilst lengthening those legs of yours. Court shoes and stilettos are classic shoes styles for Valentine’s Day.

Keep your make-up fairly simple and concentrate on making your lips look irresistible. Try something new with your hair to make it look like you’ve made more of an effort than usual. Practice a new up-do or go with angelic curls that will complement the shape of your face.

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