Today’s guest writer is David Allen . David is co-founder and a director of Shade Station and has 20 years’ experience with sunglasses and watches. David believes that Shade Station is the premier online retailer of designer watches and designer sunglasses.

To be honest, I’ve never really worn a watch much until recently. The idea of having something that I would wear constantly and have to remember to take off and put back on seemed like far too much of a challenge, and something that was likely to cause me more trouble than it was worth.

If like me, you are slightly absent-minded, then the idea of being responsible of something which is quite valuable can often be quite a troubling thought – but it is definitely something that you can overcome – and well worth it in the long term.

When I did finally get around to purchasing my first watch I was completely overwhelmed by how many different types, shapes, colours and styles there were available. I didn’t know where to start, luckily one of my friends gave me advice on what to look for and I was quickly able to narrow down my options to find something I liked and was suitable to my needs.

If you find yourself in the same position then here are five key thoughts to consider before you look at parting with your hard-earned cash:

1 – Pick something that’s going to last

When you do purchase a watch the chances are that it won’t be very cheap and if so you want to make sure that you’re making a long-term investment. Buying a designer watch from a good brand will usually help to ensure that the manufacturing and make-up of the watch is relatively consistent, and this can be a great guarantee that your investment will last you – at least a decent period of time.

2 – Get your size right

Watch sizing can be tricky so it’s important that you do choose a size which really suits your needs. Really test your watch out, ensure that you are prepared for it to expand or shrink a little due to the weather and make sure that you purchase a size that takes this into consideration.

3 – Pick something that’s robust

Remember what you are using your watch for and if you are using it for everyday wear then chances are the tiniest, thinnest, softest silver material probably won’t make the grade. If you are purchasing for a special occasion then go ahead by all means, otherwise, pick something that is going to last throughout the day.

4 – Don’t be specific, remember it’s an everyday item

Watches are very much a designer item and they can be tailored to match any outfit that you are wearing, but at the same time if you are going to buy a watch to wear everyday then you want one that will fit in with most of the outfits that you wear. In this situation, simple and basic is usually a good start, so make sure that you pick something which can be worn in a range of different situations.

5 – Choose a suitable design

Pick a watch that reflects your nature, but not one that is so brash that you can only wear it in certain situations. Watches are designed as an accessory to complement what you do and as such it’s important that you don’t detract away from your outfit by wearing a watch which steals all the attention away.

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