Today’s guest post comes from Hannah Gregorio. Hannah is a professional writer and a blogger at heart. Her work is focused on beauty, health, home improvement and everything under the sun. She also writes on behalf of Dr Rita Rakus, a professional botox specialist. You can find Hannah on Google+ and Twitter.

With skinny models on covers of magazines and girls with beautiful physical features on television. It’s not surprising there is an increasing number of women and men getting nip-tucked. Sadly, most of them don’t know there is a huge price in exchange for luscious lips or fuller cheeks. The worst part is that that price is usually at the cost of your personal health.

The Price of Beauty

Advances in medicine can keep your skin looking youthful for longer than nature dictates. One of the most popular procedures is the Botox injection. Its purpose varies from one individual to another. Many are using it to enhance their facial appearance while other individuals are injecting to slow down ageing, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. However, like any medical procedure, it can be risky. Before you set an appointment, consider the following possible effects:

  • Nerve Damage – Injecting Botox into the face can damage tiny nerves which can result to either weakness or paralysis of the area. In most cases, wrong injection into the forehead can result to droopy eyebrows or eyelids. Nerve regeneration can eventually make the damaged nerves functioning again however it would take two up to three years for total recovery. If the nerve is severely damaged, the side-effects can be permanent.
  • Unnatural face – Although Botox is an effective treatment to smooth unwanted wrinkles, it can, however, make your face unnatural and expressionless like a plastic doll. Keep in mind, the toxin found in Botox prevents facial muscles to contract. Getting the procedure repeatedly can eventually make your face rock solid.
  • Poisoning – When the treatment is administered by an individual with no prior knowledge on cosmetic surgery, you can be putting your life in danger. There is a right dosage of Botox deemed safe for humans. Injection of the wrong amount can lead to poisoning. If left untreated, severe complications and illnesses and eventually death can be possible consequences.

Wiser alternatives you should consider

If you already have wrinkles and lines, you don’t have to necessarily turn to Botox treatment. There are other non-surgical and even natural alternatives to look ten years younger. Choosing for substitutes can save you a large sum of money compared to paying thousands of pounds per shot of Botox.

Organic derma products – Cosmetic products such as creams and serums can be a great alternative to invasive procedures. Be careful though with what you apply on your face. Some items are made up of harmful chemicals which can be dangerous for your body. You can develop skin problems and even cancer. Choose organic products instead as they are less likely to contain any toxic ingredients.

Non-invasive treatments – There are many treatments that don’t involve sticking a needle through your skin. Laser resurfacing is just one of them. By just using a safe and painless laser on top of your skin, this procedure will remove the dead skin cell which will give way for new cells to form.

Change your lifestyle – The easiest and cheapest way to improve your skin is simply ditch bad habits. If you love to party, drink alcohol and cigarettes, it is time to stop as skin aging is accelerated. Try to get enough sleep too.

Sadly, ageing is inevitable part of life. No matter how many times you indulge in Botox, you will never be able to get back your body as it was when you were 21 years old. The best thing you can do this is slow down the process with natural and non-surgical treatments. If you are still going to push ahead with Botox, it is better to get it from a professional Botox specialist.

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