Today’s guest post is from Addy Reeds, a fashion enthusiast. Addy works on behalf of KuruFootwear.com.

With blooming flowers and clear skies comes some of the most trendy and chic shoe styles for the spring season. When frilly dresses and floral frocks begin to hit the runway, the shoe selection is equally important for an incredible way of dressing up your feet. There are a few ways to pick the right kicks with the coming of a bright and new season.

Choose a Low Heel
Low heels are perfect with outdoor spring attire for a semi-casual look that still dresses up your outfit. Low heels can be comfortably worn throughout the day without looking too formal, which is common with typical stilettos. Pair them with an a-line skirt or a pair of frayed boyfriend jeans.

Pick a Versatile Pair of Sandals
Sandals are a must-have with the warmer temperatures and are easy to wear when heading out to get groceries or visiting friends for brunch. Choose one or two pairs of sandals that include a bit of decorative embellishment. They should match your style and blend in with the spring season.

Opt for Neutral or Pastel Shades
Beige, nude, white, and pastel shades all work well in the spring for shoes that complement bright capri pants or a stunning lace blouse. Instead of wearing a trendy or bright shoe that can clash with different outfits, the subtle colors will make it easy to wear throughout the season.

Pick Shoes with a Fun Print
Although it’s important to have a variety of shoes that can be worn during the week, you should still pick a fun pair that stands out and is the statement piece of any spring outfit. Opt for a pair or two of shoes with fun prints for a pop of detail in your attire that will make the clothing look more high-end.

Opt for Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are a comfortable and feminine option for a dressed up flat that brings a bit of playfulness to your spring wardrobe. Wear them with a casual dress or bermuda shorts for a look that is girly and easy to slip on.

Spring your fashion into full swing by choosing the right pairs of shoes for looks that can be worn for several years. Your attire will be jump-started for comfortable styles that will make it easy to play dress up and enjoy celebrating the start of sunshine. Work your outfits around the shoes and choose uplifting looks that will properly showcase your clothing.

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Today we have a great infographic, kindly given to us by Tate Handy. Tate works on behalf of Advanced Dermatology, specialists in skin health and skincare.

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Today our guest writer is Qurratulain Zaheer, a fashion blogger and a content writer for Chicksrule, an awesome online retailer for unique fashion and accessories. She loves writing and reading, and of course all things beauty and fashion.

Fashion trends always seem to come back around.

Tartan was very popular this winter in shades of dark green, navy blue and the classic red. Everyone had the signature red tartan scarf, but now as we move into spring, the tartan trend is still going strong. The colours are becoming softer, changing into shades of pastel pinks, reds and greys.

Shops are filled with plaid skirts and skater dressers, but how do you wear tartan in spring?

How to Wear Tartan in Spring

Tartan 3.jpg

1. This outfit is inspired by the hit 90s’ film, Clueless. The colours are warm and girly and can be carried through into summer. These are easy pieces to wear without putting in too much effort, whilst still giving off the impression that you stood in the mirror perfecting your outfit. The colour of the tartan skirt is subdued, so it’s easier to wear in the spring than darker tartan prints. Why not buy a similar print in a midi skirt – if you prefer something longer.

Pair the skirt with a plain white crop top, and avoid anything printed because it will look too overwhelming alongside the tartan. If you really want to dress up, you can wear a white blouse instead, which will also work well during the evening. Put on a statement necklace to go with the skirt, in a shade of coral or pink which are great spring colours. You can also never go wrong with florals in spring, so a floral necklace would be ideal. To complete the look, wear a satchel, preferably something small and light. Colour blocking is also making a comeback so this satchel is perfect and helps to tie all the colours together.

Tartan 5.jpg

2. Pastel tartan prints are subtle and easy to wear with a laid-back vibe. This grey and pink tartan dress is minimal and ideal for spring. Pair it with black tights and a biker jacket to toughen up the look, and you can even lose the tights and wear this in summer. If you want to keep the look more feminine, replace the jacket with a black blazer and roll up the sleeves. To balance out the leather, wear some gold jewellery, maybe a stack of rings or a simple necklace. The contrast with the silver in the jacket will make the look a bit more interesting. For shoes, wear some chelsea boots which will ensure that you are comfortable all day.

Tartan 2.jpg

3. If you are going out in the evening, then this outfit is perfect. The focal point is the tartan trousers. You may think that these are a bit daring, but because they are so dark, the print appears to be more subtle. Wear a black blouse and tuck it into the trousers to flatter your figure. These black heels with gold detail will compliment the gold chain and will help create the perfect glam look for a big night out. If you don’t want to wear a necklace, you can roll up the sleeves and wear a gold cuff instead. Complete the look with a textured clutch. You can also wear this during the daytime, just switch up the heels for some military boots and the clutch for a daytime bag.

This will hopefully give you some ideas on how to incorporate tartan into your wardrobe during spring. There is something to suit everyone and you can always mix and match different pieces, depending on what you already have in your wardrobe.

Remember that you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each time a new trend appears, buying a few small pieces is easier – and much kinder to your bank balance!

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Today’s guest blogger is Marlena Stoddard. Marlena is blogging on behalf of the popular fashion brand, Scotch & Soda.


Jeans are a staple in every wardrobe. They can be worn casually or dressed up to take you out to lunch or dinner on the town. They are comfortable and extremely versatile. When they are worn with the right shirt, shoes and accessories you will feel ready for anything. Selecting the right pair of jeans is all about how you feel and the style you want to achieve.

A Pair of Jeans Exists For Every Occasion!

For a day when you don’t want a tight fitting pant, boyfriends offer the perfect alternative. The fit is very flattering, yet they are so comfortable you will feel like you are wearing sweats. They are available in many different styles; including patterned, dark, whitewashed, distressed and regular denim! When they are worn with your favorite shirt you will be ready to head just about anywhere. While the classic look of a white t-shirt with boyfriend jeans is always in fashion, you can wear any color and choose a short, long or sleeveless top.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are always in style and can take you from the shopping mall to a nice dinner out, as long as you have the right shirt and shoes to accompany them. There are plenty of choices to select from, since they come in a variety of colors and patterns. While nice heels always add a dressy touch to skinny jeans, ballet flats, loafers and plain canvas sneakers also look great! The shirt you pair with the jeans will help to determine which shoes to wear. If you select a plain t-shirt and want a casual look, then loafers would look great. If you decide to wear them with a tunic or a retro-inspired checkered shirt, nice heels would create a more upscale look.

Purchasing Online

When you are shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, be sure to view the amazing selection at Scotch and Soda jeans. This top United Kingdom website has a pair in every style, color and pattern for every occasion. Most retail clothing stores also have websites where you can shop for the right jean.

No matter what pair of jeans you choose to wear, adding a bit of pattern to your ensemble will keep the outfit from looking dull. This can be achieved by pairing the pants with plaids, lively floral patterns, stripes or polka dot shirts or jackets. When they are layered with basic jeans they can really add a pop of excitement to the outfit.

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Today, our guest blogger is Benjamin Morris. Benjamin is blogging today on behalf of UK clothing company, Harrison. Harrison stocks a wonderful collection of men’s, children’s, and ladies clothes online. A full list and description of all of their labels can be found on their website.

Spring Fling Fashion Essentials for 2014

There’s nothing quite like being able to leave your coat and home and enjoy the first days of spring. However, it can be hard to know what to wear when the sun first starts poking through the clouds, and many women make the mistake of dressing too summery at the first sign of a warm day. To help inspire your wardrobe choices, here are a few of the big trends of spring 2014 that were seen on the catwalk, but can be worn by nearly anyone.

Floral prints

What better way to celebrate the spring that by adorning yourself with pretty flowers? Florals are popular in many designer’s collections for spring 2014, with bold and bright prints especially prominent on the catwalk. Even if you’re not usually a girly girl then adding some subtle floral prints can make an outfit more feminine. If you’re trying to balance out an uneven figure then using prints on the top or bottom of your outfit will draw the eye to the area. For example, if you’re pear shaped then it’s better to stick to floral prints on top to draw attention from your hips.

Crop tops

If you’re wondering why the women at your local gym are so obsessed with their abs, the crop top craze might explain their pursuit of a flatter stomach. When worn under a blazer or light jacket, a crop top allows you to flash a little flesh on warmer days, although you should probably avoid teaming it with a mini-skirt or short shorts.


Designers have been turning simple, tailored pieces into glamorous, on-trend clothing with the use of embellishments this season. If you look at ladies clothes online for spring, you’ll see that designers are paying a lot of attention to detail, from adding subtle touches to bold statements.

Embellishments that are popular include:

  • Beading
  • Colourful gems
  • Silvery and crystal rhinestones
  • Gold accents

The great thing about this trend is that it requires minimal accessorising, and you can keep things like footwear and handbags simple so that you don’t clash. It’s also a great look to take you from day to night, and many pieces are versatile enough for the office or a party.

Bomber jackets

The 90s revival continues unabated with the return of the bomber jacket, and they’re a great way to stay warm on chilly spring days without having to wear a heavy coat. There are many ways to wear a bomber jacket, whether it’s a plain and chic look, or an eye-catching graphic design that you go for, and choosing a bright colour will help you perk up any monochrome outfit.

Sheer and lacy

If you feel like celebrating the sunshine with a slightly more daring look, then you’ll find lots of sheer items on the racks this spring. Sheer blouses and dresses are worn over vests or slips to create a floaty, feminine look, and this layering can also help on chilly days. Lace is also still very much in style after being popular throughout winter, and by looking for white and powdery shades you can add a flirty look to your spring wardrobe.

Dressing for spring can be a tricky business, as the weather is often interchangeable, but by using light layers and sticking to a few key pieces you’ll find it easier to transition into the summer. Luckily, spring 2014 has a wide range of trends to suit different styles, from ultra-feminine to bold and stylish, making it easy for you to fill your wardrobe and find outfits that work for you.

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Today we hear from our guest poster, Brooke Chaplan. Brooke is a freelance writer and blogger. After graduating from the University of New Mexico she moved to Los Lunas where she now live and works. When she isn’t reading, researching or writing material, you can find her on the local paths running, biking or hiking. Contact her via Twitter @BrookeChaplan. Brooke is blogging today on behalf of Associated Dermatologists, specialists in Novi Acne Treatment which you can find out more about here.

Make Up Tips You Wish You Knew In Junior High!

Once no longer limited to lip gloss, your make-up possibilities are endless, and your bad beauty blunders will seem a thing of the past. These tips will provide insight to subtle tricks to enhance your most beautiful features and how to use your make-up to your best advantage.

It is always best to start with a blank canvas, however it can be a struggle to keep that canvas free of impurities. Tackle that acne before it causes unnecessary stress which, according to a Novi acne treatment specialist, can lead to more acne! Over-the-counter acne medications vary depending on problem area and budget. Neutrogena and Clean&Clear are great brands when looking for cleansers and toners. More advanced formulas like Proactive are also available with several-step systems that will promote healthy skin.
Moisturize! Those cleansers can dry out your face, and leave you with unattractive rough patches. An easy way to avoid caking product onto your face, is using a tinted moisturizer. CoverGirl and Almay have excellent products that moisturize, color, and protect your skin with up to SPF 15. Avoid the white, flat face effect with a light bronzer or peach blush. Powders are amazing for aiding oily skin and give you that pop of color on your cheeks that bring your face to life.

The eyes are the window to the soul, so let the sun shine, instead of covering them with distracting drapes! It is too easy to pile on too much eye makeup, and look like a clown. Find simple eye shadows that work with your eye colour. Green eyes sparkle with purple hues from lavender to plum and blue eyes look phenomenal with brown tones like champagne and different golds. If you have brown eyes, make them pop with neutrals like taupe with some plum. Leave the eyebrow grooming to the professionals if you can afford it. If not, be warned. Take care of the uni-brow and the strays, but be careful messing with an arch that isn’t there. There are no take-backs when it comes to eyebrows. Eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, so stick with just mascara if you want a more natural shape. If you must, try lining just the top with a soft black, or even a brown to keep a more natural look with a little flair.

Lip glosses and tinted chapsticks are perfect for subtle beauty. Stick with these for the most healthy looking and feeling lips. When you really want to add drama, go for bold, dark colours while keeping the eyes light. Too much dark makeup on the face can be overpowering. When you really want to stand out use a light lip liner. This will help you fill in the most colour and make your lips seem even wider and fuller. Once fully lined, use a thick stick of coloured lipstick to fill in the space. Once you have your color set, use a gloss to make them shine. It is a lot of look for a dramatic flair.

Whether just starting your makeup collection, or toning down the drama, the key to flawless beauty is embracing your natural beauty and finding what works for you. Use these tips for your eyes, mouth and skin. Once you have a daily routine set you can easily pump up the volume for all your more formal events. Use dark and bold colours when trying to stand out and use the most natural looks for a daily routine.

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Sammy is a blogger and content writer for ExtremePie.com, and specialises is outdoor clothing and footwear for all seasons.

All it takes is a short and sharp burst of sunshine and a humble lick of warmth to go with it to make us realise that the winter doesn’t last forever; and it’s exactly this which prompts the eager types to immediately whip out the shorts and flip flops. But while you might have to sit down and calm it a little because after all, it is only March, there’s definitely a shift in the temperature and it’s telling you that those big winter boots need to go into hibernation. With the warmer seasons approaching footwear needs are no longer thick and warm fabrics, Sherpa lined and insulated soles but rather a glimpse of what’s to come. Here are just a few of the best transitional style that the outdoors fashion world has got in store for us.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Platform Hi Plus Womens Shoes


Ladies love heels, we love our comfort more in most cases but while the wedge sandal has given us the perfect solution to achieving the calf defining beauty without the discomfort of heel height, it’s not quite toe-revealing temperature just yet. However, kings of casual and arguably the most popular style of shoes in the past century, Converse have come up with an absolute must have for the spring. Their gorgeous Chuck Taylor All Stars Platform Hi Plus Womens Shoes are the happy medium between comfortable and casual everydaytrainers with the glamour and style of a high heeled wedge shoe. These shoes not only look good with their classic design that the brand has been rocking since day one, but they’ve got all of the comfort and quality that their range of athletic shoes are favoured for. These black heels are just one option and look great with everything.

Quiksilver Take It Easy Women’s Boots

shoes3If there’s one pair of boots that every girl should have, it’s a leather pair of cowboy inspired boots. They’re comfortable, versatile and look absolutely fantastic with everything you wear throughout the spring to the winter. But if you want a pair that will wear well and age stunningly over time then look for good quality leather. These beautiful Quiksilver Take It Easy Women’s Boots are manufactured from 100% leather and thanks to their dark tan brown colour they’ll work with everything from dresses and trousers in the cold to shorts and skirts in the spring and summer months. They’re not heavily adorned with buckles and studs like others you’ll find but that’s because they don’t need it – these are timeless and classic, the kind you’ll keep for years to come.

Bucketfeet Pineappleade Womens Slip Ons

shoes1Nothing says summer like fresh air, holidays, barbeques and summer fruit, so when the gorgeous Pineapple print Bucketfeet shoes came out they were a sure sign that warmer days were on their way. Bucketfeet are a fresh brand that support artists and offer people the chance to own something a bit different and unique. Their collection is colourful and comfortable and the Bucketfeet Pineappleade Womens Slip Ons are the perfect example of how flat slip on shoes are versatile enough to wear through every season. You can’t help but love the fun and funky styling of these.

Sanuk Kitty Hawk Chill Womens Slip Ons

shoesIf your favourite footwear from last year was a lightweight and comfortable pair of espadrilles then you’ll know that when it’s a little bit cold the chill can nip at your toes; so they’re probably not ready to come out of hiding just yet. But Sanuk love a good flat and slipper-like shoe too and the gorgeously comfortable Sanuk Kitty Hawk Chill Womens Slip Ons are a great way to enjoy the warmth of slippers with the comfort and casual style of espadrilles. Their earthy tones are light and wearable making them a fashionable option for everyday, and with the added bonus of knowing that they’re made ethically and eco-consciously you can leave the house in what feel like slippers without guilt.

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Anti ageing is not something you often think of at the ripe age of 30, but perhaps it’s time to give it a bit more thought – prevention is the best cure, after all. Read on for our (hopefully) helpful tips.

The majority of hormone changes in women happen at around age 30 – and with these changes a whole host of unpleasant skin problems can emerge, including acne, dryness, uneven texture, deeper wrinkles, sagging skin and sun spots. Hormone production starts to taper off in your 30s, as the time for reproduction starts to decline – and because the hormones are no longer being produced in the same abundance as before, skin starts to lose elasticity and texture. But there are a few things that you can do to improve the appearance of skin, keeping your complexion youthful and bright – read on for our top tips.

Exfoliation is always important, but in your 30s, it’s vital for an even complexion. Try a gentle face scrub at least twice a week, in conjunction with a good skincare regime. Always take off your makeup before bed, even if you only use a cleansing wipe, and try to make time to cleanse and tone at least once a day and moisturise twice a day. Our top tip for letting moisturiser sink in? Dab it onto your face before brushing your teeth morning and night.

Smooth and Hydrate
Because the texture of your skin tends to get drier and coarser as you get older, the moisturiser that you’ve been using for the past few years may not be up to scratch when you reach your 30s. Think about switching your light daily moisturiser for a richer moisturiser with an anti-ageing formula. Look for moisturisers that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin C – these are all known to reduce skin problems associated with ageing and they’ll make skin baby-smooth. Hydration also means that you need to hydrate from the inside out – drink plenty of water.

Protect Against Further Damage
Sun-loving ladies and smokers may well find that the signs of ageing start cropping up earlier and earlier – looser skin, more wrinkles, sun spots and freckles. Help to combat further damage by using UV protection every day and especially when you’re out in the sun or on holiday. Generally, it’s recommended that you use an SPF cream of at least 30 every day. Try to avoid the sun during the hottest hours of the day, and when you’ve been out in the sun, use a moisturising after-sun gel or cream to nourish the skin. If you’re desperate for a tan, try a long-lasting spray on. And if you’re a smoker? Try to quit, or switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Switch to Creams
A light, dewy complexion will instantly take years off your age, so make the switch to cream-based makeup products, rather than powder products. Powders settle into even the tiniest of wrinkles, instantly making them look more noticeable. Get a dewy, even complexion by using a face oil and then a brightening primer. Primers will make your skin look much brighter, even if you don’t wear any makeup. Add a cream blush and opt for creamy eye colours rather than powder colours – the bonus is that cream products are also easier and faster to apply than powder products!

Stop Messing!
Acne, coarseness and tiny red bumps around the nose and mouth are all really common skin complaints in your 30s, and they will just get worse and worse if you mess with them! Picking, prodding and scratching will cause inflammation and will also spread oils and bacteria around your face. See your dermatologist if over-the-counter acne medications do not seem to be doing the job. Peels are known to rid your skin of blemishes, while steroid creams and medications might also help.

The most important step in turning back the clock is to look after yourself. Eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, do plenty of exercise and add weight training into your regime to increase tone and definition.

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In the last of our mini wedding series, we give you a handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything before your big day, allowing it to run nice and smoothly. If anyone would like to request anything for our next feature then do not hesitate to get in touch via our email, hello@fashionbeautylondon.com.

The big day is just a few weeks around the corner and you’ve planned the entertainment, food, venue and reception – so what’s left to sort out? Follow this last minute wedding checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important!

  • Pay the vendors, such as the DJ, band and florist, early or mark their payments in envelopes a few days before the wedding.
  • A few days or the day before the wedding, arrange to have everything sent to the venue, such as the wedding cake and toppers, place names, table layouts, gifts for guests, flowers and decorations so that you don’t have to worry about it on the big day itself.
  • Set up a travel case with things like your passports, hotel reservation and plane tickets in it so that you can just grab it and go after your wedding. Pack your cases at least a week before the wedding and double check to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything important, like your swimsuit!
  • Have you bought all of the relevant accessories? Things like ring pillows, guestbook and pen, toasting glasses, favours, cake knife and server will all need to be purchased and sent to the venue ahead of time.
  • Wrap up any gifts that you’re planning to give and have them labelled and ready to go in gift bags a few days before the wedding.
  • Have everything you’re planning to wear on your wedding day ready to go in one case – things like your wedding undies, hosiery, shoes, makeup, accessories, jewellery and your dress all in one space and you’ll prevent that “I’m sure I’ve forgotten something!” feeling on the morning of your wedding.
  • Put together a little wedding kit just in case something does go wrong on the day. Think about including a brush, hairdryer and hair curler, hair spray, an extra makeup kit (in case yours goes missing), an extra pair of tights, mints, a mini sewing kit with matching threads for the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses as well as some safety pins and scissors, matching nail polish, eye drops, hair pins, list of important names and phone numbers, comfortable shoes that you can walk in, a little extra money and a camera.
  • Don’t forget your marriage license and any other important documents that you might need to take with you on the day.
  • Sort out your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!
  • Write down how the day is going to progress and at what time everything is going to happen, so that you and your guests know exactly what to expect at which time, and where they should show up for photographs and for the reception.

Once you’ve sorted out all of those last minute details, you can finally relax and get excited about the big day without having to worry about a single thing.

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The second in our wedding series, this post is all about ideas for the best bit before the big day – the hen party! We hope you find some useful tips to suit all budgets and tastes.

Hen parties can be a bit of a minefield for the elegant bride-to-be – L-plates, inflatable willies and feather boas not your cup of tea? No sweat – try one of our tack-free elegant hen party ideas. From indoor skydiving to jazz dancing, there’s something here for every hen. And don’t worry – these hen party ideas are just as fun as a night out with the girls, with absolutely no L-plates in sight.

Jazz Dancing

Strut your funky stuff by taking your hens to a jazz dancing lesson. And if jazz isn’t your thing? Try Latin dancing, salsa or even burlesque. For an extra-special experience, opt for a private lesson, or ask an instructor to come to your home. For the hens that aren’t quite as light on their feet, you might also want try chair dancing – sounds a little strange, but it means that ladies who aren’t quite as limber can also join in the fun.

Indoor Skydiving

Give your hens an adrenaline buzz without having to worry about the logistics of jumping out of a plane by going indoor skydiving. If indoor skydiving is still a little hardcore for you, but you’re still looking for something fun, an outdoor adventure activity could also be a great choice. Zipwire across the forest canopy or climb your way up a tree for a spectacularly fun hen party.

Dinner and Drinks

It’s a failsafe option, but it’s always fun. Gather your hens for dinner at a beautiful restaurant, followed by drinks at a cocktail or wine bar, and end the party by having a good old boogie with your friends. Keep the party fairly tame by going for lunch instead of dinner – that way, your hens should still be fairly sober by the time the party is over. And if you want to make the occasion extra-special? Phone the restaurant beforehand and ask them if they’d be willing to tweak your dishes or put together a personalised menu for you and your party. Most restaurants will be more than happy to oblige!

Trip to the Theatre

A show is an excellent idea for hens of all ages – and you can choose the perfect show for your group. Love girly dancing films? Try Dirty Dancing or Mamma Mia. If your group is a huge fan of full-on opera, The Phantom of the Opera is always an excellent choice. Chicago and Jesus Christ Superstar are ideal for everyone, while new show on the block The Book of Mormon is a bit of an alternative choice, but it’s also brilliant for hens that love a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour.

Keepsake Day

A particularly lovely hen party idea for laidback ladies is to spend a day together creating keepsakes. Many pottery shops, for example, will offer classes that allow you to create your own piece of pottery, fire it, paint it and then keep it forever. Some places will also offer a light lunch while your pieces are firing in the kiln. Other keepsake days include photoshoots, craft days and a day in with the girls creating a photobook of the happy couples life together.

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